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Flower Girl Scans Aisles For Familiar Face, Now Watch Her Steal The Show At Sight Of The Groom

This one-year-old baby girl makes it up the aisle like a trooper.

With so many unfamiliar faces staring at her, it would be a little nerve-wracking.

Everyone’s eyes were on her as she timidly took baby steps toward the altar. But as she drew near to her destination, she stopped.

She seemed as if she was done with the strange experience.

She looked right toward the camera with uncertainty as a family member filmed the endearing scene.

But it was the next moment that captured the crowd’s heart. The wedding guests just couldn’t believe their eyes!

All it took was one look from her daddy holding out his arms, and the baby girl completely changed her look.

Her eyes lit up and the reaction that followed left the entire crowd in smiles and laughter.

It was a scene that everyone was thankful to have captured on camera.

The wedding was a beautiful experience for the bride and groom, but this baby girl just about stole the show.

When you watch the video below, you will be able to see why. Many times, ring bearers and flower girls don’t even make it up the aisle.

Other times, they embrace the moment of having the spotlight, and make a show of their own.

But we all know that when little ones get an idea that they don’t want to do something, it’s hard to convince them otherwise.

But this sweet dolly adorably staggered down the aisle with one goal in mind. There was someone waiting for her at the end of the aisle.

Of course, she shot the occasional glance at everyone sitting in the pews along her path.

The guests could not stop snapping pictures and videotaping this super sweet girl.

It took just two words to prompt this sweetheart to take off running.

She couldn’t wait to see someone special waiting for her up ahead!

Though this little girl was extremely shy, she made it all the way down the aisle in the sweetest way possible. See for yourself how precious this little girl is!

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