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Foster teen finally gets a happy ending after finding biological sister

Staying in a foster home is sometimes fun and sometimes tough.

There, you get to meet new kids you can play with. Unfortunately, those kids don’t stay. They will eventually get adopted.

Seth Miller is one of those foster kids who get to watch other children get adopted.

And when he became an official adult, he knew he couldn’t stay in the same foster care system that looked after him in the last couple of years.

He had been put up for adoption since he was a toddler. Since then, he has experienced tons of heartaches from several failed adoptions.

When he turned 18, he became homeless.

He had to live in a car. He had no one to look after him or even a proper place to make him feel safe every night.

In an interview with USA Today, he shared:

“Empty, alone, nowhere to kind of fit in […] just an everyday kind of life, nothing really extraordinary to look forward to.”

An interview turned his life around.

When a court-appointed special advocate learned about his WFAA-TV appearance, she talked to a couple. It was Robert and Ara Hunt.

The pair had adopted a girl named Shyann Hunt.

And she was no stranger to Seth. She was actually her biological sister.

At first, Robert and Ara felt unsure about meeting the young man.

After thinking about it, they finally made the decision to arrange a meeting between their daughter and Seth. It was a really emotional meeting.

Ara shared:

“When we let go of the fears, we found forever.”

After the meeting, the couple decided to ask Seth to move in with them.

They already have a large family. Apart from Shyann, they also have other kids living with them.

The transition wasn’t easy.

During their first Thanksgiving, Seth ended up crying.

It was the first time he celebrated Thanksgiving Day with a family and it made him super emotional.

Whenever the family asks him to come over for family outings, he’d get surprised.

It took months before Seth finally became at ease with his new family.

Eventually, the young man decided to take a new name.

He picked Logan because it means strength. And to honor the people who changed his life, he chose “Hunt”.

Exactly one year after, Ara and Robert officially adopted Logan.

His most special moment happened in a Collin County courtroom. There, his new family was there.

They stood together in front of the judge and lawyers to prove that they’re taking him to become a family not just in their own eyes but in front of society and under the law.

Logan’s dream finally came true.

He spent a long time dreaming of having a family of his own.

Now, thanks to Robert and Ara, he won’t be spending holidays alone in a car.

More importantly, he won’t have to feel sad and lonely anymore.

“It feels awesome. Like I’m at peace,” Logan shared.

Watch Seth’s heartwarming story below!

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