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Fourth-Grader Texts This Photo To His Mom. Then She Looks Closer At The Teacher And Sees It…

William Gierke, a fourth-grader at Sheboygan Falls Elementary School in Wisconsin, went to school wearing a special tee-shirt. It was bright pink, with the words “Tough Guys Wear Pink” printed in bold letters on the front. William wore the pink shirt as part of a breast cancer awareness campaign. But instead of coming home from school feeling proud about his inspiring message, he came home in tears.

This kindhearted little boy was bullied and called a “sissy” by his classmates, just because he wore the color pink. His mom, Tomi, was heartbroken when William admitted he was too afraid to return to school; he never had had an issue with wanting to go to school before.

But later that week, William texted Tomi a photo while he was at school. The photo showed William and his teacher, Mr. Winter, posing for the camera — and when she took a closer look at Mr. Winter, she couldn’t believe her eyes…

Watch the video below to find out why this simple photo went viral and inspired strangers all over the country. And please SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!

Video Credit: TODAY’S TMJ4 / Facebook

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