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French Man Confesses Parents Hate His Talent, But Within Moments His Act Had Everyone On Their Feet

Unfortunately, magic is becoming a long-lost art. With new technology and gadgets, it’s just harder to impress an audience than it was decades ago! That’s why these talented French twins decided to use technology to their benefit in a state-of-the-art routine – and boy, was it a hit!

At first, one twin named Tony came onto the stage and explained that his magic ambition wasn’t exactly his parents’ dream career choice. But with a big smile on his face Tony said, “Today I want to prove to you, and prove to my parents, that I can become a magician!”

As soon as Tony starts the routine, you can tell it’s not like any other. Then Tony uses the big screen behind him to introduce his twin, Jordan.

From there, Jordan and Tony go through a magic act that blows the judges and everyone in the audience away! Using a series of props and the screen behind them, the brothers cruise through their routine with ease.

As soon as their big finale comes to a close, Tony and Jordan are met with an eruption of cheers. Check out their jaw-dropping act for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. It’s clear these twins are the future of magic in America!

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