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Friendly fox is desperate for his human mother to come outside, keeps laughing when she does

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Many kids want their parents to come outside and play with them every day.

This kid is no different, except that he is a fox.

Foxes are usually timid animals. But like dogs, they can form bonds with humans, as this video proves.

Mikayla Raines has devoted her life to rescuing and looking after foxes.

It’s a rewarding mission, and not just because she knows she’s helping unfortunate animals.

She forms a close bond with the animals.

In fact, the foxes often end up acting just like dogs. One recent video really proved this beyond a doubt.

It began with Finnegan the fox looking anxiously inside Mikayla’s home.

The animal had come to regard Mikayla as his mother and always wanted to be around her.

Mikayla explained that whenever Finnegan missed her, he peered through the window. She then decided to go outside and say hi to him.

When Mikayla opened the door, Finnegan was already waiting on the other side. He had heard Mikayla walking to the door, so he got to it in anticipation of her coming outside.

Mikayla then started petting Finnegan’s head. The fox started panting and whining happily. It sounded kind of like a little dog but with a more wild edge to it.

“I’d let you inside, but you just pee everywhere,” Mikayla said to Finnegan. By now, the love in Finnegan’s eyes was on full display.

The young woman then went on to explain that all that Finnegan does inside is go onto her bed and pee on her pillows.

Then the camera angle adjusted to show another fox in the yard. Mikayla stated that her name was Dixie.

This fox was less affectionate than Finnegan, but she was comfortable around her human owner.

Mikayla then turned back to Finnegan and started scratching his neck.

The fox appeared to really appreciate the scratching, and Mikayla mentioned that in the wild, Finnegan’s mate would groom his fur like this.

The young woman kept on pulling little icicles out of the fox’s fur as Dixie came up, clearly wanting a grooming too.

And just when it seemed like the video couldn’t get any cuter, it got cuter. Finnegan reached his paw out and grasped Mikayla’s arm, wanting her to know that he really loved her.

Then Mikayla had to go back inside because it was cold out. Hopefully, Finnegan would be happy for the rest of the night, knowing that she had come out to see him.

But Finnegan still wanted more. He was right back up against the window again, desperate for more time with his mom.

Mikayla then uploaded this video to her YouTube channel, where it soon went viral. In two months, it has gained over 8.2 million views. It also has more than 336,000 likes and 18,900 comments.

This video proves that foxes are just as adorable as dogs. Who wouldn’t want to form a bond with a fox like Finnegan?

Mikalya runs the Save A Fox charity, which, as the title states, saves foxes like Finnegan. Many of the foxes that she takes in eventually get adopted or find sponsors.

This footage is enough to make anyone want to adopt a fox.

But be warned, they cannot be toilet trained and have a tendency to wreck homes. So if you are going to adopt a fox, make sure you can give it a good outdoors life!

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