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German shepherd saves little girl from dad’s ‘attack’

Dogs are great for so many reasons.

They are cute, provide companionship, and are extremely loyal.

When one father decided that he wanted to train his German Shephard, Kujo, to protect his daughter, he put his dog’s loyalty to the test.

In the video below you can watch his 5-year-old daughter protect herself with the help of Kujo.

The father is filming her and pretending to be a kidnapper in order to train the dog to protect his daughter.

His daughter is sitting in the driver’s seat while Kujo sits in the back seat of the car.

The dad walks up to his daughter, pretending to be a stranger, and asks her what she is doing in the car by herself.

The girl responses by saying that she isn’t by herself, she is with her dog.

Dad pans the camera over to the back seat and Kujo is just standing there looking out the window.

He seems pretty mellow at the moment, but that will all change soon.

The father keeps pressing his daughter to let him in the car with her.

She responds that he can’t come in because he is a stranger.

He tells her that he is not a stranger because he knows her dad and mom.

At this point, it becomes clear that this little girl’s dad has already taught her how to handle a situation like this.

She immediately quizzes the would-be kidnapper by asking him what her dad’s name is.

He doesn’t know of course and says the wrong name.

She tells him to leave once more, but he doesn’t.

Acting frustrated with his daughter’s refusals, he reaches his padded arm into the car and tells the little girl to come with him.

The little girl only has to say the dog’s name once and it immediately goes into attack mode.

It bites the father’s arm and doesn’t let go.

He tries to pull his arm back out of the car window but Kujo isn’t letting him off the hook.

The father backs up and ends up pulling the dog out of the car window with him.

Even still, Kujo doesn’t let go and continues to prove his loyalty to the little girl.

The dad finally yells to his daughter to call off Kujo, because clearly, the dog isn’t going to stop unless instructed to do so.

The little girl calls out Kujo’s name and he immediately releases the father’s arm.

She calls him over to her and tells him to jump back up into the car with her.

He jumps up and gets in through the window, ready to stay by her side in case anyone tries to attack her again.

It’s awesome to see such a strong bond between an animal and a human.

You can tell that this father has trained his dog, as well as his daughter, well–teaching them how to defend themselves should anyone ever try to cause them harm.

If I ever have a daughter I may have to get a dog like Kujo just to be sure that my little girl will be safe with him at all times.

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