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Giant newfie gives his best buddy good luck kisses

Dogs seem to be able to sense emotions – sometimes even better than we humans can.

Owning a dog can be like having your own personal emotion regulator – someone to cuddle when you’re feeling down and celebrate your happy moments with.

It seems that dogs can also sense more complex emotions like nerves and anxiety.

As mental illnesses become more widely researched, emotional support dogs are now recognized and used all over the world.

These dogs are proof that our pooches do indeed have an inkling into how we’re feeling.

Meet the Fisher family. While they don’t have an emotional support dog, they do have two great big Newfoundland dogs namely Boss and Ralphie.

Despite their humongous size, Boss and Ralphie are gentle giants, and they do a great job of looking after their three human brothers: Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan.

Josh and Bee Fisher are the parents of this huge family- and despite having their hands full, they still manage to capture adorable moments between the siblings which they share over on their Instagram.

In one adorable video filmed back in 2016, one of their little boys named Cruz has a baseball game to attend at school.

It was a big day for little Cruz, and naturally, he was feeling a little nervous.

As he anxiously helps his mom and dad load the car before they set off, Boss and Ralphie watch from a distance.

They’re not allowed to come on this trip, but that doesn’t stop them from being excited!

Ralphie is great at picking up emotions, and he notices instantly that Cruz has some pre-match anxieties.

Ralphie decided that the perfect way to settle Cruz’s nerves was to give him a big, sloppy lick on the cheek. His tongue is so huge that it soaks Cruz’s entire face!

Not to be left out, Boss then joins in with the affection and gives Cruz a good luck lick himself.

The little boy seems to relax instantly as the dogs wish him good luck. Just look at that happy little face!

Ralphie’s flurry of licks are enough to knock Cruz down onto the floor!

The little boy is absolutely loving it. If you need any more persuasion over whether dogs get along with kids, then all you have to do is watch this video!

Despite weighing around 300-pounds, it’s clear that Newfoundlands get on brilliantly with children.

We’re sure that after Ralphie and Boss’ good luck kisses, Cruz went on to play amazingly!

Since the sweet video was posted, the Fishers have been busy!

They now reside in Maryland after traveling around every state in America in an RV. It must have been a big RV!

“This is us, following where God leads and taking this crazy, joy-filled, very normal family of ours to spread some love for an entire year to ALL 50 United States,” wrote the Fishers.

Follow the family on their Instagram and visit their YouTube channel if you want to be a part of their adventures, and make sure to check out the adorable video below!

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