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Golden retriever adorably struggles with kitten that stole his bed and earns 8.2 million views

As loving pet owners, we often find ourselves between two pets.

We’re either breaking fights, separating food bowls, or getting them to run in the same direction when we exercise.

But this pet owner found themselves in an unfortunately common conflict between pets – a real estate dispute.

In a video posted by Bailey’s parents, the poor dog found himself pacing around his bed when he found a new tenant.

A grey striped kitten was curled dead center of Bailey’s bed and it doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

The video has since been watched and re-watched over 9.5 million times – and for a good reason.

Bailey’s conundrum is just so relatable!

The video begins with the fluffy golden retriever running towards his bed.

Imagine us, coming home beat-up from work, and we just want to rest our heads in the comfort of our warm bed.

That is until we see someone occupying it. Someone that’s not us!

In all fairness to Bailey, he didn’t nudge the kitten off his spot.

It would’ve been an easy thing to do since the little animal is about the weight of a couple of pounds of peas.

Instead, he tried to “negotiate”. And by negotiate, we meant pacing around, barking loud, and nudging the edge of the bed.

The kitten? Well, he didn’t even flinch when a cloud of floof ten times his size loomed over the bed’s horizon.

Fortunately for this tiny feline, Bailey has always been a good boy.

In the social media accounts managed by his parents, Bailey has befriended animals smaller than him. Birds, bunnies, kittens, you name it.

So the best thing he could do to evict the little conqueror is to just bite on the bed and pull it like a rug underneath.

Or maybe flip the edges of the bed to make a fluffy kitten taco.

But to whichever approach he chose, he can assure that no kitten was hurt in the entire duration of the video.

When all methods were all but spent, Bailey decided to use his size instead.

He laid down on the side of the bed intending to slowly encroach and reclaim what’s his in the first place.

The kitten was aware of what was happening and that he needed to stop it before Bailey rolled onto the bed.

He finally got up on his stubby little legs and charged into the golden mountain of fluff.

But this mound of golden fur won’t be budging anytime soon. At least not with the kitten’s size.

Eventually, the little kitten just snuggled beside Bailey in hopes that the dog will move out.

When this didn’t work, it climbed over Bailey and perched on him instead.

Not realizing it yet, the two have somehow agreed to favorable terms.

The dog occupies the bed, and the kitten occupies the dog.

The problem is now solved without even a single bite.

Bailey and his little friend have taught us an important lesson that we can use not only in animal “real estate”.

Big or small, dog or cat, we can always find a way to share things and live in harmony with everything else.

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