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Golden retriever meets new baby sister and his precious reaction has been viewed by over 9M

Seeing siblings meet for the first time is always heartwarming, but this is just flat-out adorable.

When this golden retriever meets his biological baby sister for the first time, he immediately starts to play with her and their interaction is all caught on video.

There’s a reason this video went massively viral, you’ll watch it over and over again!

This 1.5-year-old golden retriever, Boomer, met his 8-week-old baby sister, Bella for the first time and it melted hearts everywhere

When the video starts, you see 8-week-old Bella who’s being placed in a big shopping bag to surprise Boomer.

The tiny puppy is as cute as can be, she has no clue she’s going to meet her real big brother.

Boomer is at the garage door already suspicious, he can sense something is going on and comes to investigate.

One of his owners rushes inside to shut the door so the surprise isn’t ruined.

Boomer anxiously paces back and forth, until his parents walk in with Bella inside of a big paper bag

Right away he greats his baby sister with so much love, Boomer sniffs her to welcome his sibling to the family.

Bella can’t contain her excitement, she pushes the bag over and runs out to big brother.

The 8-month-old starts checking out her new house, she strolls around as if she already owns the place but Boomer just wants to play with his new little sister.

Boomer begins playfully nudging Bella and jumping around excited for his new playmate

Like a true big brother, Boomer starts to have a little fun at his baby sister’s expense but you can tell it’s all out of love.

The exchange is so precious, they make an instant connection and it’s all caught on video.

You can tell Bella is a little overwhelmed by the whole exchange, it’s a lot to take in at once!

I’m sure she’ll quickly get used to her big brother harassing her.

People on the internet went crazy for the two adorable dogs, millions watched the video on YouTube

Over 9.4 million people viewed the siblings meeting for the first time

Not only did over 9 million people watch the video, but 137k like it and thousands left comments for the two pooches.

“I love how older dogs act around puppies. that stance with the lowered head, front legs straight out with butt in the air lol.

they instantly know that it’s a baby of their own species and want to play with it”

“I showed this video to my nieces and they were so enraptured! These two are adorable; love their first meeting. Boomer and Bella are utterly beautiful. <3 I like how Boomer can obviously tell something’s going on and is all excited with his gorgeous wagging tail. Also, love Mum’s beautiful blue nails!” Said another YouTuber.

Boomer and Bella definitely take the cake when it comes to cuteness, now we’ll be waiting for the video of them meeting their next sibling? To see the incredibly cute first meeting, watch the video below!

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