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Golden Retriever melts millions of hearts befriending little boy with Down Syndrome

“She said to me “God didn’t make a mistake when he made me” and her daddy told her, she was a “Gift from God”

This is what James Joseph Stenson wrote in the description of the video. He shared this clip of a boy with Down Syndrome and a beautiful Golden Retriever named Himalaya.

But it’s a video that’s gotten millions of views.

Hernan the little boy does not like physical contact, his mother Ana told Jim Stenson.

He withdraws from any attempt but there’s just something about this dog’s persistence that spoke to Hernan.

He does move back when Himalaya tries to get close but eventually, this golden girl is able to make contact with this adorable kid.

“That kid actually looked sad, and that dog had the intelligence and heart to comfort the boy. That’s amazing.”

Observed a touched viewer.

And he may be right.

None of us will ever know what it’s like to have Down Syndrome. And those with the condition can’t exactly share their observations with us. We only have good old science to rely on.

Himalaya never breaks eye contact with Hernan. She gives him his space, respecting his wishes, but she looks at him eagerly as if to say, “Everything is alright. You are beautiful and I love you.”

Eventually, she crawls her way over to Hernan, placing her paw on his hand before nudging his leg with her nose.

Hernan responds by reaching out to touch Himalaya’s paw.

She rolls over on her back, showing the boy that he can trust her as she trusts him.

Hernan looks on at the dog with curiosity wondering why this golden fur ball is so loving and patient.

That’s a dog for you, little guy!

Hernan still isn’t comfortable with the physical contact but he’s not exactly pushing her away either.

Himalaya stays with the boy, reaching out with a paw every so often to reassure him that she’s trustworthy.

David globalflier left his thoughts by saying,

“That Awesome Labrador knows that little boy is a special child, they can sense differences in people, so magical and touching.”

No one knows for sure if Himalaya, or other dogs, can sense the difference in the genetic makeup of a person.

All we know is that they just want to love everyone.

The description of Down Syndrome by Healthline gives us insight in to this medical condition.

“In all cases of reproduction, both parents pass their genes on to their children. These genes are carried in chromosomes. When the baby’s cells develop, each cell is supposed to receive 23 pairs of chromosomes, for 46 chromosomes total. Half of the chromosomes are from the mother, and half are from the father.”

Get it now?

“In children with Down syndrome, one of the chromosomes doesn’t separate properly. The baby ends up with three copies, or an extra partial copy, of chromosome 21, instead of two. This extra chromosome causes problems as the brain and physical features develop.”

Be that as it may, Himalaya does not care. She puts her paw on Hernan’s shoulder showing that she’ll be by his side even if he’s not comfortable with having someone so close. You’re crying.

Watch this dog’s unwavering love for Hernan below!

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