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Grandma Sings To Baby Girl. In Seconds, Baby’s Response Has Mom Running For The Camera

Young infants need lots of love, cuddles and tummy time. It doesn’t take too long before that first precious smile emerges, rewarding mom or a sibling with a gummy grin.

That’s when it seems this little blessing is beginning to develop a personality.

Despite the sleep deprivation that comes with being a parent, the rewards are many.

In the video below, Grandma is thrilled to be snuggling with her little love bug and decides to sing to her.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children explains that singing to a wee one is not only a wonderful way to encourage musical development, but it helps a baby bond with a loved one.

Newborns should be sung to every day and often, the association declares, it doesn’t have to be an actual song.

It could be a grocery list, a nursery rhyme or a pop song off the radio.

Infants actually will respond to familiar songs and tunes by smiling, babbling and even repeating the resting tone, which is the last note the adult sings.

That’s exactly what this precious little girl does in the video below. Grandma is serenading her sweetheart with the classic song “I’m in the Mood.”

This song was published in 1935 and appeared in a black and white production called Every Night at Eight.

Several other artists released their own versions of this song, including Louis Armstrong.

Listen closely to this sweet babe as she stares intently into Grandma’s face and actually tries to match her pitch.

Their duet is simply precious! Mom ran for the camera the moment she watched the scene unfold.

Grandma can’t stop cracking up after their first version.

Watch this little cutie pie’s expressions in the video below and listen to her singing right along with her loved one. It’s so adorable!

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