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Grandma Wanted To Dance On Her Birthday. When They Play The Music, Her Moves Make Crowd Go Wild.

Who doesn’t like to shake a leg to their favorite music at a party, or gathering? I know we all get tempted to get on the dance floor as soon as that one song comes on, regardless of how comfortable you are around the crowd that’s surrounding you that night.

Well, the video in the post shows something similar to the situation posed above—a 90-year-old grandma just wants to dance, and so what does she do? She grabs her partners, and simply dances. And boy is she setting the bar high for all those that are watching, and at this moment perhaps contemplating whether to even try to give her any competition.

Jean Phelps Veloz, known to many as an icon of “Hollywood-Style Lindy Hop” takes to the dance floor in this video to show you exactly how it’s done, and that too at the age of 90! You can tell by just looking at her face that she’s all set to take the dance floor by storm as she prepares to get into some swing dancing moves with her partners Remy Kouakou Kouame, Chong Chan Meng, and Skye Humphries.

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