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Grow strawberries at home using a laundry basket from the dollar store

Strawberry juice, jam, and ice cream are always a treat.

That double punch of sweetness and sourness is hard to forget, but those strawberries have to come from somewhere first.

That’s where the tricky part lies.

Strawberries are already a seasonal growing fruit, and as if that didn’t complicate things enough, they’re prone to pests too.

Altogether, it seems like strawberries really want to make us work hard to get that sweet, savory, and juicy goodness in them.

Thanks to their proneness to pests, buying them fresh and organic is your best bet most of the time.

Even then, it’s easier said than done to get the freshest strawberries at the market.

How do you even know they’re the freshest? How’d you make sure to get the best bunches of them before they’re all sold? Truly, it’s not so cut and dry.

But things don’t have to be so tricky anymore, ever since someone stumbled upon this nifty little trick.

In fact, this trick is so clever that even you and I might be able to grow our own strawberries with it.

Though admittedly, that might be getting too confident. But still, it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

The trick involves a laundry basket or hamper, in particular, one with holes in it.

Your next acquisition will be a garbage bag or fabric sac, and then the strawberry plants.

Finally, a PVC tube that you’ll have to punch some holes into (with a drill or any other tool that gets the job done).

Cut some respectable (but not too large) holes in the bag.

Those are where the plant’s roots are going to breathe from. In the plan goes, and the bagged-up plant will then rest in the laundry hamper.

Stick the pipe down the center to serve as the watering spot, and trim the sac/bag if necessary. Now, you’re ready to grow some strawberries!

Though the hamper trick might be massively helpful, your strawberries aren’t really out of the woods yet just because they’re all bagged up inside a laundry hamper.

Strawberry plants are a prime target for some of the worst, but oh-so-common pests.

Aphids, caterpillars, and fruit flies are just a few. Diseases like Lethal yellows and black root rot are the bane of any strawberry gardeners as well.

So even if you’ve ramped up your strawberry’s protection, you’ll still need to regularly check up on it and the surrounding spaces.

Those aphids and fruit flies are sneaky, common, and most of all, persistent.

But hey, a strawberry smoothie or some jam is worth the effort, right? No one said growing was easy.

Now, with this hamper trick and some effort, it might be a lot more approachable. You’ll be supplying your own strawberry recipes before you know it.

Everyone could use some gardening tips, especially if it gets them one step closer to making their own strawberry shortcakes and jam. Don’t forget to share this article!

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