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Halfway Thru Audition, Music Changes & Singer Transforms Before Their Eyes

When 37-year-old Cristina Ramos took the stage to audition for “Spain’s Got Talent,” the judges had no idea what was in store for them. As the performance begins, Cristina starts out singing a beautiful aria.

The judges nod politely and appear to be enjoying the opera singer’s incredible voice. Her sound is incredibly powerful and mesmerizing.

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It isn’t until the music abruptly changes that the panel of judges realize what is really going on. Suddenly, a screeching sound can be heard on the loudspeaker, interrupting her opera music and song.

It sounds as if the tape is broken and Cristina does a remarkable job of playing along. She peers around the stage with a confused expression on her face.

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Then she suddenly rips her dress off to reveal a completely different look. Along with the new persona comes a totally different style of music and she absolutely nails it.

No one expected this sudden change in clothes, let alone the song Cristina begins belting. It’s unbelievable what the opera singer changes her song to. The entire audience lights up when they hear the complete change in her audition music.

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The crowd instantly goes wild. The judges jump to their feet with excitement as the audience cheers with delight. If they thought her voice was astounding singing opera, they cannot believe their eyes and ears when she begins belting out this next song.

One judge falls onto the table in shock from how she’s strutting around stage, the poised opera singer taken over by this confident rocker. The looks on their faces are priceless.

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Her stunning performance obviously worked. Cristina has wowed them all.

The judges are so captivated by her performance that they hit the golden buzzer – passing her through the next round of auditions and onto the live show. Her standing ovation was much deserved.

Screenshot via YouTube

Watch the incredibly talented opera singer transform before your eyes in the video below.

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