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He Grabs Her By The Diaper And Throws Her Across The Yard. Then Mom Sees The UNTHINKABLE…

The story was so amazing of a dog’s love and bravery, that soon enough his story was going viral. He was in news stories all around the world and it’s no surprise why people were naming him “Khan The Wonder Dog!”

YouTube/ celeb902

Thankfully, Mom managed to rush him to a clinic which had an antivenom, and Khan survived. After only four short days with his new family, he already put his life on the line in order to keep them safe.

So for anyone who thinks that Dobermans are “aggressive,” you might be right. They’re aggressive toward anything that might be threatening their family! These dogs are incredibly loyal, and if you give them a little bit of love, they’ll be sure that you have a friend for life!

Please watch the video showing more stories focusing on amazing animals who saved lives!

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