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Her Daughter Begins Singing, But When Mom Joins In, Even Simon Can’t Stop Smiling

Everyone was covered in chills with their emotional song. It takes bravery and strength to pack up your things and whisk your children away from an abusive spouse.

But that’s just what this mother did and she didn’t let it quiet the song in her heart! The brave mother, Ana, and her daughter Fia go on Britain’s Got Talent to sing a powerful version of Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion’s duet “Tell Him,” and it earns them a standing ovation.

Even though they’ve had a rocky start to life, Ana told the Mirror UK that they are eager to start over, “It was very hard, we’re very happy now and we’re moving on.”

The chance to win a competition like is the blessing of a lifetime for the struggling single mother, and they deserve every ounce of success the show may bring in the future!

By the way they nailed this difficult duet, it’s easy to see that the talented mother-daughter duo will definitely go far on Britain’s Got Talent and in life!

Be prepared for tears, giggles and goosebumps before you take a peek at the video below!

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