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Her Husband Walks In With Tears In His Eyes. Then She Reads The Note In His Hand…

Brittany Lynn Garrett was getting ready for her day just like she did every morning.

But when she looked up, she saw her husband, Christopher, standing in the doorway, holding their young son. There were tears in his eyes.

It was so unusual that Brittany, understandably, assumed the worst. But Christopher assured her that, luckily, it was in fact quite the opposite of the worst that had happened.

It was something absolutely wonderful.

Christopher is a combat-disabled veteran. After suffering a shattered pelvis and undergoing rehabilitation, Christopher can walk again, but with a limp, making some physical activities hard for him.

One of those activities? Mowing the lawn.

Christopher had been using a standard push mower in his yard about once a week. It’s a chore for anyone, but it was especially hard for Christopher given his injury, and it took a longer time.

But that morning, life got a little easier for the Garretts in the form of a selfless, anonymous gift from someone who cared.

[H/T: Love What Matters]


This is Brittany Lynn Garrett, her husband Christopher, and their son.

Christopher is an Iraq veteran who suffered a shattered pelvis in combat. Thankfully, he’s made an amazing recovery and is living with his family.

But because of the injury, some tasks are still more difficult for him.

That was why when he found this note, and a gift, he was overcome with gratitude and joy, as was Brittany.

The note was anonymous, but thanked Christopher for his military service. It also said that they hoped Christopher could use his gift to spend more time with his family.

So what did he get?

A riding mower!

Pushing a standard mower was a difficult, slow chore for Christopher, but a riding mower like this made the job of mowing the lawn much easier and faster, leaving Christopher more time to spend with his wife and son.

Brittany and Christopher don’t know who gave them the mower, but they’re thrilled, and very touched that someone would go to such lengths for them.

“Thank you whoever you are!” Brittany wrote on Facebook. “You don’t know how much pain this is going to save him from!”

Christopher also responded, saying, “The war that I have seen has hardened my perception of society, but after today, I truly understand that everyone has their place to be a hero.”

And here’s hoping he’ll have more free time to spend with Brittany and his son!

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