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Here’s The Bridge That Is So Scary, People Have Panic Attacks Driving On It. You Have To Watch THIS:

There have fortunately enough been no accidents on the bridge yet, and officials are confident that there will continue to be none.

The bridge has also caused quite a stir online, with people commenting on whether or not they would want to cross the bridge, and people are even posting videos now from their dash cams of them simply driving over it because other viewers on the internet want to be able to feel what it is like for themselves to cross such a scary bridge.

If you want to see more shots of the bridge in action and see the cars going up and down, there is a video below with several video shots from several different angles of the bridge, which should be able to give you a better idea to the size and height of this roller coaster ride.

Check out the video below and let us know how you would feel if you had to drive over a bridge like this in the comments!

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