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Hero pilot snuggles orphaned baby chimp close as they take freedom flight to new home

You don’t need to be a superhero to fly and save those in need.

In this beautiful story, there are no superheroes or superhuman abilities.

It’s just a good heart and the desire to make this world a better place – for animals.

Heroism beyond compare, his name is Anthony Caere.

Caere has always dreamt of being able to fly a plane and at the same time, to help the animals in the wild.

Luckily, he met both of the best worlds in the depths of the jungles of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

He is working there alongside the rangers of the Virunga National Park. They are saving orphaned baby chimpanzees by flying them into their safe locations.

Bloodshed in the forest.

Poaching is one of the biggest and hardest to irradicate problems in the world. While poachers and the leaders behind such cruel activities gain so much, poaching leaves wildlife devastating losses.

Poor animals are being hunted, shot, killed, slaughtered, butchered, and illegally traded for the sake of the root of all evils – money.

Saving the wildlife, one flight at a time.

For the past seven years, Caere has done nothing but share his contributions in saving animals by flying them to their new and safer homes.

Not only that because in order to be larger than this role, he’s also helped put up a school.

A place where he trains many others who also want to know how to complete medical evacuations and supply flights.

Bringing orphaned baby chimps to safety has been the greatest feather in his cap.

But to Caere, it’s actually better if there are no more baby chimps that need saving. He wishes that no more baby animals will live on their own.

Sadly, his dream is still far from reality because there are still baby chimps and other animals that need relocation.

When poachers hunt, they go for the adult animals, resulting in the baby animals being left behind.

For these poor baby animals, surviving is almost impossible to achieve. Worse, other poachers will catch them and sell them on the black market.

The first save.

Caere made his first-ever baby chimp save back in 2016. He transported the little one to an animal sanctuary and chimpanzee orphanage, Lwiro Primates.

On his journey, he discovered that building a bond and earning their trust is key to a more successful rescue.

During the flight, he noticed babies were much calmer and relaxed once they rest on his lap.

His recent save.

In his Instagram account, Caere’s able to save another baby chimp named Tongo.

“…baby chimp Tongo got rescued out of the hands of animal traffickers who killed his family for bushmeat,” he wrote.

Before they fly, the orphaned baby chimpanzee found comfort and security right in his hero pilot’s arms.

It’s amazing because for a baby animal to go through such a scary situation from heartless poachers, trusting humans must’ve been very difficult for Tongo.

He must’ve felt true love and care from Caere that’s why he didn’t think twice about giving him a snuggle.

Tongo’s set to join about 100 other rescued animals in Lwiro Primates.

These wild animals and the rest of the world couldn’t be more thankful to Caere and many others who are doing everything they could to save animals from poachers.

Though this issue might still be far from over, this hero pilot still hopes that someday – these animals reclaim freedom.

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