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High school sweethearts celebrate 100th year on earth and 80 years of marriage

Most of us are just starting to celebrate two year anniversaries or ten year anniversaries…

Maybe some people are out there even celebrating their 30th anniversary.

And while that is so great and definitely something to be celebrated, this couple is over here celebrating their 80th anniversary.

And not only that, but they also both celebrated their 100th birthdays together.

Billy and Nellie Jones are a couple based in Savannah, Georgia, and they have officially been together for a whopping 80 years.

The two were born around the same time in 1920.

To make the occasion even more special, they each celebrated their birthdays together.

It is just another special milestone they share in their relationship since they were born just four days apart in 1920!

High school sweethearts.

They both met when they were attending the same high school about 80 years ago.

They were your classic high school sweethearts and they love each other just as much now as they did all the way back then.

“I said ‘Who is that?’ and ‘Oh that’s Nellie Zipperer, she’s in my class.

Would you like to meet her?’ So he turned the car around and introduced me to Nellie Zipperer,” Billy said, recalling the first moment the two met.

“The same girl as a teenager in high school and marrying and staying with her for 79 years, can’t beat that.”

And not only were they celebrating their 80th anniversary, which is already a big deal, but both of their birthdays — 100-years-old!

How cool is it to have a partner with the same birthday as you? Their day was filled with so much love!

Socially distanced birthday bash!

To celebrate the beautiful occasion, friends and family of Billy and Nellie threw them a birthday party which even included a parade — social distance style, of course.

“Very, very loved, for somebody to do all this work for us. I’m speechless, too, not speechless that they love me, but that somebody would go through all this trouble,” Nellie said of the parade.

Now of course, we have to wonder: What is this couple’s secret?!

It’s beautiful that the two have managed to stick together for this long but we need to know…

How on Earth do you even manage something like that? Because 80 years is a very long time. They have been together for 80 percent of their lives.

If they actually are human — and we’re assuming they are — then there must be times where they get on each other’s nerves.

They seemed so happy at their celebration but there is no way they can be keeping it to nothing but rainbows and sunshine at all times (unless they are, which would be so impressive).

When the couple was asked about how they do it, Billie’s answer was actually pretty simple.

“All I know is work hard, whoever you’re working for as an employee. And go to church,” said Billy. “Love the Lord,” Nellie added.

Well, with that advice, they definitely seem like a perfect match!

The two currently live in the Magnolia Park home they built back in 1958. At the party, “Happy 100th Birthday Billy and Nellie,” was written out in huge letters in the front yard.

So wholesome and beautiful! We’re very happy for the couple.

See clips from the fun birthday celebration below!

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