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Holocaust survivor finally finds meets nephew after being without family for 80 years

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To some, the Holocaust may sound like ancient history.

This story shows that people are still living with its devastation all these years later.

The Holocaust, the worst atrocity the world has ever seen, ended 75 years ago.

Because of this, there’s a risk that humanity could forget just how terrible it was.

But one story is reminding people of the human cost of the Holocaust.

In 1939, Eliahu Pietuszka was a young Jewish man living in Warsaw, Poland.

The Nazis invaded his country. Eliahu had saved up enough money for one person to escape but not his whole family.

Eliahu’s family implored Eliahu to escape.

With a heavy heart, Eliahu agreed to his parents’ wishes and fled.

He prayed that his family would be safe in Nazi-occupied Poland. He was wrong.

When World War Two ended and the entire world learned about The Holocaust, Eliahu was devastated.

He knew that there was next to no chance that any of his family members had survived.

For years, Eliahu was wracked with guilt. Deep down, he knew that there was nothing that he could have done.

But he kept on blaming himself for not getting his family out of Poland.

Yet in reality, one of Eliahu’s family members had survived the Holocaust.

Volf, one of his two younger brothers, had been working in a concentration camp until it was liberated by the Russians.

Unfortunately, this meant that Volf was now a prisoner of the Soviets.

He was sent to a Siberian labor camp. This labor camp was still awful, but it was better than the concentration camp.

Eventually, Volf was freed from the labor camp and allowed to live in Russia.

He raised his own family and lived for many more years. Finally, Volf died of natural causes.

Eliahu settled in Israel. Like his brother halfway across the world, he also raised a family.

But many, many years later, Eliahu would learn the truth about his brother.

An Israeli project created an online database of every victim of the holocaust.

Eliahu, who was now over 100 years old, accessed this database.

He was still devastated by thinking about his family all these years later.

But he wanted to know what happened to them, so that he could have some closure.

Eliahu was amazed to know that Volf had not died in the camps.

He saw that Volf had passed away years ago, but he also saw that he had a nephew, Alexandre.

Eliahu’s children were more than happy to contact their cousin.

Alexandre was amazed to learn that his uncle was still alive.

He agreed to fly to Israel as soon as possible.

When Alexandre arrived in Israel, Eliahu, his children and his grandchildren were there to meet him.

Eliahu, who was still able to walk after all these years, went to his nephew and hugged him. The two men started crying.

It was a bittersweet moment. The two were so happy to finally have met one another.

But Eliahu had never had the opportunity to meet up with Alexandre before now.

He also realized that for years, he could have been reunited with Volf.

Eliahu revealed to Alexandre that he hadn’t slept for two nights.

He was that excited at the opportunity to meet his nephew. Eliahu also told Alexandre that he looked identical to his father.

At long last, Eliahu had found the closure he had sought for so many years.

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