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Homeless Man Falls, Then Lady Looks Inside His Cart & Takes Off When She Realizes It’s Worth

Homelessness is a fact of life in our modern world. Its existence is something we tend to overlook, and often times we won’t say a friendly hello to a homeless person, much less look them in the eye. As we walk by their handout jar, we may take mental note of their grocery cart that is filled to the brim with a collection of “junk.” However, sometimes those possessions can hide something very valuable, which is something that one Los Angeles woman found out firsthand.

As Dana Lee Calabrese was preparing to meet her friends for dinner, she witnessed a homeless veteran collapse on the street. The parable of the Good Samaritan is something that we’re all familiar with. Even though she had fun plans for the night, Dana Calabrese became a real life Good Samaritan when she went out of her way to help someone in need.

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