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Horse hears his favorite song playing in car passing by – so he breaks out dancing

Some people can’t help but move when they hear a song that they love.

That’s also true of this very special horse.

A car was driving along California’s Half Moon Bay one morning.

It started passing a group of people riding horses.

The driver slowed down a little to look at the animals.

That’s when something amazing happened.

The horse at the back of the group started moving to the music that was blaring from the driver’s car.

To be fair to the horse, it was a very catchy song, namely This Must Be The Place by Sure Sure (originally by Talking Heads.)

The driver couldn’t believe his eyes. He pulled up next to the grooving horse.

“Yo, what, is this allowed?” said the driver.

The horse kept on moving his front hoofs back and forth to the beat. He sure did have rhythm!

Then he really got into it and started moving with all four legs. His tail started swishing up and down.

“Yeah, get it, boy!” encouraged the driver. But the horse needed no encouragement. He knew how good he was.

Then the horse started moving his head back and forth. He had really put his heart and soul into the music!

Luckily, the driver was filming the horse’s dance.

It would be nice to believe that the horse was dancing of his own volition. But let’s face it, he was trained to do that.

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to train a horse to dance.

That of course means that this isn’t the only horse dancing video on the internet. In fact, it’s basically a whole genre of YouTube video.

One of the most popular horse dancing videos in existence has a whopping 14 million views.

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