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Horse steals the show in country line dance

Teaching your pet basic commands for safety and sanity is one thing.

But some people like to take it to a whole other level with their training… We’re talking about awesome animal tricks!

Lucky for us, pet owners from all over the world share clips of their talented animals online.

The video below features a beautiful horse that knows how to do something quite impressive… He can actually kick up his heels on the dance floor!

Just wait until you see this horse (and his human buddies) in action.

Say hello to Debbie and Chulo.

Debbie Hogg is an animal lover from the U.K. with a property full of pets.

According to her Facebook page, she has two horses, a pony, dogs, alpacas, pygmy goats, and cats.

By looking at her photographs and videos it’s easy to see that she adores them all.

One of her four-legged friends is an Andalusian horse named Chulo. Debbie has trained him over the years at their home, where the two of them share a close bond. But there’s a certain skill she’s taught him that’s extra amazing…

A horse that can line dance.

Debbie transformed a section of her property into a country-western dance floor. She invited “The Outta Line Dancers” and Chulo to join her in performing a routine she’d choreographed.

It’s set to Luke Bryan’s song “Country Girl (Shake It For Me),” and the results are just plain fun to watch.

Their performance might have you wanting to dust off your own cowboy boots.

Debbie is in the center sitting on top of Chulo, while the other dancers are surrounding them.

They perform the line dance together with each participant following the steps. According to the video description, it’s a beginner dance (32 count/4 wall).

There’s no doubt that all of them spent time practicing the steps – including the horse! Amazingly, he keeps up with the other dancers like he spends his Saturday nights in a country-western bar.

But really, it’s because he was trained by his skilled mama, Debbie.

A viewer left the following compliment:

“You and your horse are really talented.”

The group dances to “Country Girl.” There’s one dancer, in particular, that captures your attention…

It’s Chulo, of course! Debbie guides him to follow every side-step, turn, and movement. He actually blends in very well with his fellow dancers.

If only he had on some denim and a hat you might think he’s a real cowboy.

He’s not the only dancing horse out there…

Who can forget when a Mustang named Toaster took on the “Git Up” dance challenge with his owner Adriane? He too showed the world that he wasn’t just a one-trick pony!

Get ready to fall in love with Chulo, who really is a stunning creature.

According to, Andalusian horses are known for being friendly, intelligent, easy to train, agile, and multi-talented.

They also share on their website:

“In terms of their personality, Andalusian horses have a wonderful temperament. These animals are smart, as well as sensitive, docile, and brave. The breed has a desire to learn, and these horses can easily adapt to new and changing situations with ease.”

It’s no wonder why we’re fascinated by talented pets. While there are tons of videos out there, this is one you don’t want to miss!

Press play below to see how incredible of a line dancer Chullo the horse is!

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