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Husband Abruptly Jumps Out Of Car, Wife Realizes Situation And Quickly Grabs Camera

Children are taught at a young age to respect their elders and fortunately, this is a lesson that many follow as they become adults. As the elderly now live longer, they need more help with even the little things sometimes.

Fortunately, there are people out there who will recognize an opportunity to step in and help give our elders a hand. One such person is Chris Carter….

During a recent outing with his family, Chris saw an older man hunched over pushing a large lawnmower. Instead of driving by, Chris turned to his wife Tara and did something amazing.

Tara shared what happened next with the Love What Matters Facebook page. She was floored by her husband’s actions at first, but knew that what he did truly personifies his caring nature.

“This is one of the many reasons I love my husband. As we are driving home with Kylie and Gage, Chris suddenly turns the jeep around and says, ‘Take the food home and come back and get me.’ I didn’t know what he had seen but said okay.”

At first, Tara was a bit alarmed, but then what her husband does next warmed her heart. Chris’ generous, caring nature shone through and this Good Samaritan pulled over, then parked the car.

He hopped out of the vehicle and walked over to a stranger. The person appeared to be struggling a bit with the task at hand.

“We pull up and Chris takes the push mower from this elderly gentleman. I pray that my son learns from this and randomly helps people do things like his father does.”

Chris’ kind actions are a great example for their son how important it is to respect and honor our elders. We need more people like Chris in the world to show our youth how to act selflessly!

What a wonderful and compassionate act Chris carried out. He didn’t do it for attention or recognition, but instead because he’s simply a good guy.

He saw someone struggling and jumped to their aid. It’s times like this that we’re reminded of what a blessing we can be to others, just like Chris was to this gentleman.

This elderly gentleman truly was grateful for Chris’ help. Sometimes, even the simplest gesture will mean the world to someone else.

Have you ever stepped in to help an elderly person? If so, share your story in the Facebook comments section! Your tale could inspire others to lend a helping hand.

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