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Husband loses wife – so he plants 6,000 oak trees for her, hiding a shape in the middle

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Winston and Janet Howes were married for 33 years.

When Janet died, Winston knew that he had to do something special for her.

17 years later, people could finally see just how much Winston loved Janet.

All the way back in 1962, Winston and Janet Howes tied the knot.

They were the perfect couple and were looking forward to spending their lives together.

And the couple had an amazing marriage.

However, in 1995, tragedy struck.

Out of the blue, Janet started to suffer from heart failure. She soon passed away at just 50 years of age.

Winston, who had been a farmer for all of these years, had no idea how to go on. From now on, it would be just him and his 112-acre farm.

Eventually, Winston thought of a unique way to honor Janet’s memory.

He decided to create an oak tree forest in Janet’s honor. By doing this, he felt that he could finally come to terms with his wife’s passing.

So he bought 6,000 oak tree saplings and decided to plant them on a six-acre plot of land next to his farmhouse.

He also bought daffodils so that there would be a flower in bloom every spring.

But when it came time to plant the trees, Winston had another idea. He would leave a clearing within the oak wood. And this clearing would be in a special shape.

Winston planted the trees and left them to grow.

Over the years, very few people regarded the oak forest as anything special, until they saw the clearing from the sky once the trees were fully grown.

The first person to see the special shape within the forest was a hot air balloonist, Andy Collett.

One day, he was riding his hot air balloon over Winston’s farmland, when he noticed the clearing.

The clearing was heart-shaped.

Andy would later call it “The most amazing sight I’d ever seen from the sky.”

At first, Andy did not know about Winston’s story. But he got into contact with the farmer and realized that he was the first to discover something very special indeed.

Andy then uploaded the photo to social media for the world to see. People everywhere were touched at Winston’s tribute to his wife.

But the heart’s placement, as well as shape, has a special meaning to Winston and Janet.

The tip of the heart points to Wotton Hill, which was Janet’s first home.

The clearing also has a view of this hill, meaning that anyone who found themselves in the meadow could see Janet’s birthplace.

Winston kept this meadow a secret for many years. He knew that someone would recognize it from the air eventually.

But for a while, he wanted it to be a secret space for himself to remember Janet.

In the spring, summer and fall, Winston would spend many hours in the meadow, admiring the flowers and thinking about his wife.

A video of this story then made its way onto YouTube. It has touched the hearts of many viewers. A range of people have commented on the video, saying things like this:

Winston and Janet shared an incredibly special bond.

Clearly, Winston felt that he had to do something unique and amazing to honor the person who had brought him so much joy for so many years.

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