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Husband turns tree stump into talk of the neighborhood

A home is a sense of pride for any homeowner, and that is no different for a Garden Gnome.

The mythical Gnome has taken up residence in many gardens around the world but it’s not every day that we get a behind the scenes look at how their homes are built.

A lovely couple has joined together in a creative endeavor to build a Gnome House from an old tree stump in their front yard.

Their curb appealing project has turned a lot of heads as folks drive past, and this how-to video has been a big hit on Youtube.

Mimi is a teacher from Tennessee, who faced a new life when she and her husband became empty-nesters.

Mimi discovered a huge creative outlet on her Youtube Channel where she produces videos teaching folks how to make special crafts, recipes, and seasonal decor.

Her projects are fun to do, and with her down-home techniques, she teaches you how easy it is to craft unique decorations.

One of her biggest hits on Youtube, with over three million views, is the inventive Gnome house she and her husband created for their front yard.

Garden Gnomes began living in home gardens after World War II.

The features of the mythical creatures are taken from the Nisse of Nordic folklore, and Disney’s Seven Dwarves.

Gnomes began to spring up on front lawns in the 1960s and 1970s when plastic gnomes started showing up at Home and Garden centers.

According to a New York Times review of “The Secret Book of Gnomes” by Dutch author Will Huygen, and illustrator Rien Poortvliet,

“Gnomes talk to the animals and perform useful services for them in the medical line; the animals pay them back by doing odd jobs.”

Starting with a tree

Mimi explains how the concept for the Gnome House began …

“It all started in April when hubby told me he needed to cut down a dead tree.”

Cedar Shake Roof

One of the unique features of this Gnome house is the cedar shake roof.

Watching Mimi’s hubby put the roof together is delightful.

The little cedar shake roof tiles are each cut by hand and everything is made in miniature, “fun size” dimensions.

Extra Touches

After the roof is installed, Mimi has plans for some Gnome House Curb Appeal. She purchased a little lamp holder and a hanging lantern for the front door.

As most every Gnome garden designer knows, everything must have a touch of cuteness. The kind of thing that makes children and adults smile when driving by.

With almost four million views, Youtubers are loving this video.

“Absolutely brilliant idea. I’ve helped my dad pull several stumps in my life and this is such a great idea instead of all the grueling work involved in pulling them.

I want to do this so bad now.”

And Mimi is getting her fair share of praise …

“I love it, so cute! I also love your accent – you could read the phone book and I’d listen to you all day.”

With a Garden Gnome from Walgreens, rocks from Dollar Tree, and the lantern from Dollar General, Mimi says her project turned out pretty cute.

Many people agree as Mimi says she’s gotten lots of comments from neighbors and folks have stopped and asked about it.

Watch the video below and take a trip with Mimi and her husband as they turn an old dead tree stump into a beautiful and unique head-turner for their front yard.

The Garden Gnomes that move in will surely appreciate the efforts.

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