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Husky Left On Roadside Gets Adopted By Family

There are just heartbreaking events that will make you question people’s decisions and actions.

A teenager comes out of a car in Horizon City, right outside El Paso.

He pulls out a dog from the car, commands him to sit, removes his collar, and leaves him alone.

The teenager hops into the car and the vehicle starts to speed away as the poor dog chases after it, running as fast as he can to reach his owners.

Without slowing down a bit, the car keeps on straight, leaving the dog in the dust – alone and afraid.

When Catherine Clapsaddle saw the heart-crushing video of the poor dog, she knew she had to do something.

Catherine decided to rescue the dog because he had left an impression on her that he is a loyal dog who just wanted to be loved.

Catherine took her two kids to the shelter who had no idea that they would be going home with a new addition to their family.

They named the dog Ninook. He was only 10 months old when he was adopted so he has his entire life left to live with his new family.

The police were able to track the license plate and find the person who left Ninook.

The older man in the car was charged with animal cruelty and the teenager wasn’t because he wasn’t involved in the decision to abandon the dog.

Watch Ninook’s story in the video below.

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