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Ice skating siblings give breathtaking performance to “Nothing Else Matters”

Ice skating is one of the most gratifying forms of art.

It’s sophisticated. Not only does it require skills but also peerless elegance.

Ice skating wasn’t always an “art” form.

In fact, its history is staggering.

The first time someone put on ice skates, it wasn’t to do a graceful performance on ice but to tread across rivers and lakes during the wintertime.

Ice skating originated 5000 years ago as a way to traverse ice floes.

The very first ice skate was designed in Scandinavia.

Scandinavia always had very frosty weather.

It was hard to traverse the freezing cold and ice fields made it even tougher to tread across rivers.

Early ice skates were made of sharp animal bones. They were made primarily to facilitate activities during winters.

Contemporary ice skating has changed a lot since those days!

While modern ice skates aren’t a survival tool, skating as an art form has produced some fascinating sports.

It takes a lot of skill to put on a good performance.

Watching people move like butter looks incredibly pleasing to the eyes— but it is far tougher than it seems.

You need more than just balance.

You’ve got to possess top-notch movement, grace, confidence, and strength. Which is what these two siblings have.

The most talented people aren’t those who just perform a tough task but those who make it look easy.

The way these two siblings navigated across the ground is beyond belief.

Meet the Brown siblings.

They are some of the most graceful performers we’ve ever seen.

Their style, sync, movement, and grace are amazing.

Their lifts, movements, and style are some of the most exquisite you’ll see.

You can obviously tell they’ve spent a lot of time perfecting their craft.

The siblings, about their regime, once said:

“We wake up at 5 am and skate from 6-9. We then do our school work and eat lunch before getting back on the ice from 1-3. This is followed by an hour of off ice training followed by some running.”

Years of hard work and dedication have led up to this.

Oona and Gage Brown started their skating career very early in their life.

“We were introduced to skating in 2009, our older sister started taking lessons and we were inspired to start soon after.

I [Gage] started one year later when I was 7 and quickly jumped up the ranks in basic skills.

Oona started that same year when she was 5, for an entire year she clawed her way around the rink refusing any help or to get off.”

While Oona and Brown had an astonishing performance, there was something else that was spectacular—the camera work!

Usually, cameramen and their jobs don’t get talked about because performers usually steal the show!

But this performance wouldn’t be so stunning if it weren’t for the camera work – and tons of people acknowledged it. Here’s what they wrote:

“Amazing camera work.”

“The way the camera followed them made it looked like they are flying.”

Everything about the performance is breathtaking. If you still don’t believe it, you’ll understand when you see it.

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