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Ice skating siblings prove that Metallica is the perfect music for their stunning routine

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What kind of music conjures up images of graceful skating? Before now, you probably didn’t think Metallica.

The young ice skating siblings Oona and Gage Brown saw an opportunity this Thanksgiving weekend.

New York City was emptier than usual, thanks to you know what.

So they got a cameraman and showed off their stunning new routine to non-other than Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters.

The routine began with the siblings standing and facing the camera. Oona stood in front of Gage, partially blocking him from the shot.

Then the music began playing and the siblings stretched out.

The siblings looked at one another and moved in again.

Then Gage took Oona’s hand, and they started sliding across the ice.

Oona let go of Gage and skated forwards. Gage skated after her.

Then Gage took Oona’s hands again, and the two started dancing together as they moved.

Soon, both skaters were leaning backward, using each other for support.

Then they stood upright again and skated backward some more.

Then Gage lifted Oona up and span her around in the air.

The siblings let go of each other and skated forward, parallel to one another.

Then they leaned forward and lifted one leg each into the air.

Then, still going forward and still with one leg in the air, they span in synchronized circles.

Gage took Oona’s hands again, and the siblings skated while holding one another some more.

Then Gage lifted Oona into the air. Oona rested on his shoulders as they kept on moving across the ice rapidly.

Then Oona stood back on the ice and kept ahold of Gage’s hand as they kept up their pace.

The siblings moved apart again. The two kept on skating in synch with one another.

Then Gage lifted Oona into the air again, and he skated to the side and span in a circle.

After some more rapid skating, Oona lifted one leg up and grabbed onto the blade. Gage held onto Oona’s leg. The siblings then span on the spot.

Next, Oona took ahold of Gage’s leg as he leaned forward. Once more, the siblings span on the spot rapidly.

Then the siblings danced across the ice. Gage lifted Oona again and she sat on one of his shoulders as he skated forwards.

She lifted up from Gage’s shoulder while Gage held on to her leg. Then she leaned forward as they kept on moving.

With some more spins, Gage moved his sister onto the ground.

Then, while holding on to each other’s torsos, they crouched down to the ground as they kept on moving.

Then they went upright again before leaning so far forward their bodies were right next to the ground as they skated backward.

The siblings stood in a final position that was similar to their first position.

Then the camera drew backward, revealing just how empty the city was.

Just think, so many New Yorkers would have been in their apartments with their families, with no idea of the stunning routine that was taking place outside.

Oona and Gage are sure to go far!

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