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Illusionist Attempts Act He’s Only Done Once, Then Judge Stands Up To Watch Him Escape Sand Pit

Demian Aditya is an escape artist and illusionist who’s about to attempt an act so dangerous he could die right there on stage. During his audition for America’s Got Talent, he attempts an act he’s only performed one other time.

In the terrifying clip below, Demian is locked up from the ankles, wrists, and neck — and he has two minutes to escape before 900 pounds of sand comes crashing down on him, burying him alive.

Demian’s nervous wife is watching from the sidelines, with Tyra Banks by her side to comfort her as much as she can.

Everything seems to be going OK, but then the sand suddenly comes crashing down! The stage crew rushes on stage to break the glass and free Demian from the enclosure before it’s too late.

Howie is so concerned that he jumps from his chair; everyone in the room fears the worst.

Then, in the final moments, Demian reveals a major twist that leaves the judges in complete awe.

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