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In his last public performance Charley Pride’s song couldn’t be more perfect

Charley Franky Pride was country music’s first black superstar as he rose to fame in the sixties.

He had that syrupy, honey coated voice that broke racial and cultural barriers. That voice stole the hearts of many.

According to Country Music Hall Of Fame, Pride is a “2020 recipient of the CMA’s Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award, Pride is an inspiration to generations of performers, a model of quiet dignity and artful fortitude“.

Earphones on, volume up, and let’s listen to Charley!

This is, “Kiss an angel good mornin‘” at the CMA Awards 2020.

Mr. Pride has Jimmie Allen singing with him. Both men look as handsome as can be considering that this is a night of good looks and glamour!

The stage is bathed in blue and orange lighting with the band ready to jam.

The screen behind them has pictures of Charley Pride over the years.

Pride’s rich baritone resonates and brings the song to life and already the audience is on their feet.

“When ever I chance to meet, some old friends on the street
They wonder how does a man get to be this way
I’ve always got a smiling face, anytime & any place
And every time they ask me why I just smile & say”

It’s country music at its finest. Just laid back, enjoy the day kind of melody.

Charley married his wife Rozene while he was playing baseball in Memphis.

They married in 1965 and had two sons, Kraig and Dion, and a daughter named Angela. Those kids are very proud of their father.

Unfortunately, Charley passed away in December 12, 2020 .

Remember him this way. A handsome, elderly man gracing the stage and singing his heart out for his adoring fans. Tributes and heartbroken comments poured in.

“Rest In Peace Charley Pride. He passed away today at 86. He will be missed by the country music industry and his fans.”
“R.I.P Mr Charley Pride. This years CMA’s was a good show and you gave jimmy allen the highlight of his career sharing the stage with you.”

But Charley Pride’s voice will live on.

Country music may have lost an icon but they just immortalized a legend. He was fourteen when his mother got him his first guitar and taught himself to play. His site says,

“Pride was a trailblazer who emerged during a time of division and rancor.”

Pride also wanted to become a professional baseball player.

It was in 1953 when Pride signed with the Boise Yankees.

He pitched for several other teams before being drafted into the United States Army in 1956.

The athlete, soldier, and musician was a pioneer for people of color.

He worked his way up and out of poverty, giving hope to his brothers and sisters during a time when the color of a person’s skin mattered.

He kissed everyone good morning with that voice.

Charley Pride will live on. Gone but not forgotten.

Listen to the legend in the video below then whisper a prayer of thanks for Charley!

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