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Jimmy Dares Kevin Spacey To Imitate Famous Star, Doesn’t Expect Him To Nail It On 1st Try

On Jimmy Fallon’s “Wheel of Impressions,” there have been a host of celebrities that have tried their hand at Jimmy’s hilarious impression challenges. Many succeed and get the entire audience rolling in laughter, but there are few who surprise Jimmy himself with their impressionistic talents.

This clip of Kevin Spacey joining Jimmy Fallon on the show has attracted millions of viewers because of its hilarity – and it’s an absolute joy to watch. Kevin Spacey is known for a wide range of talents. But many don’t realize that his talents expand beyond the big screen. He’s actually a pretty darn good imitator.

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It comes as no surprise to his fans that among those talents is a keen ability to do impressions. From the moment Kevin Spacey sits down in front of the camera, he’s making witty comments. He and Jimmy are cracking each other up during the entire segment.

Once Jimmy presses the button, the wheel of impressions starts turning and at random, a celebrity is selected along with a chosen topic. This time, a celebrity name is paired with a Halloween-themed conversation piece that leaves Kevin Spacey talking about Ghostbusters as Bill Clinton. Another classic is when Kevin channels the great actor Christopher Walken.

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The impressions are not always what you think they will be. Kevin Spacey can nail impressions on the spot while talking nonsense about trick-or-treating. But when you watch it, it makes complete sense why Jimmy and Kevin Spacey get the crowd roaring. Jimmy cannot contain his laughter and bangs on his desk a few times. He can’t even catch his breath on occasion, he’s laughing so hard!

They themselves are having too much fun. And they know how to get into character on a complete whim, with spot-on facial expressions and body language. The audience is shown the options of who Kevin is imitating and it’s unreal how accurate he is! Who knew that he was so good at impressions!

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The crowd is eating it up. They are loving Kevin’s impressions, as is Jimmy. It’s hysterical!

Don’t miss Kevin Spacey impersonating Johnny Carson next. It’s so fun to watch!

Screenshot via YouTube

Watch this hilarious clip from “Wheel of Impressions” below!

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