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Jocks are told to sit with special needs classmates at lunch but they go a step further

Bullying has been a significant problem in schools for a very long time.

It is one of the harshest yet very common anti-social behavior among children and teens.

Teens just want to fit in, and the idea of not being accepted by peers can be downright scary.

It usually starts when someone looks or behaves differently from the accepted norm.

Once they see you as “different” they will immediately single you out even if you haven’t really done anything to them.

But still, you might have known the feeling of being left out or just simply misunderstood by everyone at school.

If only parents and teachers can teach kids not to judge people if they were different clothes, listen to different types of music, etc.

The world would definitely be a better place, just like in Emmaus High School in Pennsylvania.

Foot ball players have been deemed as jocks and bullies in Hollywood, but these players from Emmaus High are far different from the movies.

All thanks to their coach, Harold Fairclough, and his unusual community service requirements.

Harold wanted his players to have a “positive impact, not just on the football field.”

A couple of months into the season, Harold has been given an opportunity to join a special Olympics event.

Wanting to have his team involved, he arranged for them to set up a workshop for the competitors.

Blake Reed, a quarterback on the team, said to 69 News:

“To watch them pick it up and struggle with some things, and we taught them, and to watch them learn, it was great. Once we got over that initial hump, it was okay. It was fine, like, we can do this.”

Despite a few setbacks, the workshop was a success.

Coach Harold went home with a big smile on his face as he immediately starts thinking about what else his team could do in the name of community spirit.

What Harold decided on was a “lunch buddy program”, where every Friday, each player would buddy up with a classmate with special needs.

Teens can get really shy and careful of their image at school, but not everyone who participated in the program. Everyone had a great time!

They all enjoyed it so much that both the players and the special students were doing it voluntarily.

Some of the players now sit with their partners every day and were also encouraged to pursue careers in special education.

It is pleasing to know that there are students who are taking the initiative to destabilize inclusivity.

That it’s okay to hang out with anyone and not be ashamed of it because some will disagree.

This heartwarming story made viewers revisit their past, and are happy to see that times are changing.

Some of the comments were:

“When I was a freshman in high school, the seniors and juniors that were in my school didn’t care that I was a special needs student. All they saw was a shy girl in need of new friends. They sat with me at lunch every day and made me feel like family.” “I literally started crying when Olivia told the football player she loved him and he said he loved her back ❤️😭” “I wish my school had had something like this when I was growing up. I’m a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair, and I was bullied quite a bit for it. I had certain friends who backed me up, but there were also a lot of people who really treated me very badly. Kudos to the coach for teaching these young men to be humble, and to help someone else in need.”

Watch the touching video below and spread love to everyone!

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