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Josh Groban sings “Hallelujah” in the shower

This man is a GRAMMY Award nominated singer, songwriter, and actor.

He has entertained countless fans around the world with his undeniably unique and outstanding voice and has proven time and again how brilliant he is.

An active arts education philanthropist and advocate of Americans for the Arts Artists Committee, he is the perfect example of a timeless artist.

His name is Josh Groban. And even though most of us around the world are confined to our homes at the moment, he continues to entertain and interact with his many adoring fans.

In this YouTube video, which is his personal channel, Groban sings a “very much requested song” which he dedicates to all the:

“… brave frontline workers around the country but especially those in the epicenter at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Irving Medical Center and around NYC.”

Josh is a class act. He knows and understands how difficult it is for frontline workers to be doing their jobs right now.

The sacrifices these brave men and women are taking day in and day out shows the seriousness the situation we are all in.

The song is “Hallelujah“. It was written by Leonard Cohen and released in 1984 though it achieved little success.

It gained a resurgence in popularity after being used in the animated film Shrek (2001) and since then has had many different versions and renditions done by countless mainstream and independent musicians.

The best part? Josh is singing in the shower. Yup, you read that right. In the shower.

Don’t laugh. We’ve all done this. Whether singing along to our personal playlists or imitating one of our favorite artists, every boy and girl has given their all in the shower.

But to sound as good as Josh Groban though? Highly doubt it.

Josh says “Shower songs number three”, which means he’s done some and will be doing more.

He’s not doing it alone. Lucia Micarelli, the violin virtuoso joined him, and this lady from Queens, New York has an admirer in Josh Groban and has been featured in 2 of Groban’s world tours and continues to dazzle audiences with her talent.

She’s just not singing with Josh here but also playing her violin.

The enclosed shower provides the perfect setting. It adds a resonance and provides a natural amplification perfect for Groban’s silky smooth voice.

Lucia begins playing and the words flow from Josh’s lips,

“Well I’ve heard there was a secret chord
That David played and it pleased the Lord
But you don’t really care for music, do you?
Well it goes like this”

It is classic Josh Groban. The tenor and baritone infused style laced with a silky pop-like quality to it that makes listeners close their eyes.

Lucia’s background vocals add an enchanting mood to the raw singing skills of Groban.

If you know the song, then you know it echoes a sound of hope amidst the seeming darkness enveloping the world now.

Josh and Lucia choose to be like candles shining in that dark.

Listen to Josh and Lucia’s rendition of a song that gives hope to many around the world below.

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