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Kathie Lee And Hoda Blind Audition On ‘The Voice.’ Got All 4 Judges To Hit Their Buzzers In Laughter

We’ve seen Kathie Lee and Hoda rock the Today Show set like champions, but now they’re ready to take on a new type of entertainment.

Instead of sticking with morning television, the women strolled over to the set of The Voice and decided to serenade the judges with a version of “You’ve Got A Friend” by James Taylor that they’ll never forget.

The moment Kathie Lee and Hoda started singing, the judges knew something was up – their voices were not those of seasoned musicians!

Hoda’s voice filled the air as Kathie Lee did her best to compliment the sound.

The audience cracked up as they watched America’s favorite morning show hosts rock The Voice stage.

This was definitely something that no one could’ve expected!

As “You’ve Got A Friend” wore on, the judges all turned their chairs around to see exactly what was happening on their stage.

The first judge to turn her chair around was Kelly Clarkson and she burst out laughing as soon as she saw who was performing.

Shortly after, the remaining judges whipped around to see what all of the giggling was about!

The looks on their faces was absolutely precious as they tried to first figure out who on earth is singing, then as they realized who it was, their looks of confusion turn to laughter.

They could not believe who had been singing on the stage behind their backs. Kathie Lee and Hoda were having a blast tricking their celebrity pals with their unexpected performance.

What’s even better is that they don’t sound all that bad! Hoda belts out her part of their duet and the audience admire her for trying.

They get an A for effort with their performance that was full of smiles, laughter and a great time.

Even though Hoda and Kathie Lee weren’t the best singers in the world, they certainly knew how to command an audience.

By the end of their performance, every one of the judges (as well as all of the audience members) were smiling from ear to ear.

Check out which team they picked and their group name by pressing “play” below. We’re sure this isn’t the last time they sing in front of a packed theater!

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