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Kickline dancers earn medal with mesmerizing “illusion” dance

Have you ever heard of a kickline team but was unsure exactly what it was? Is a kickline team the same as the drill team or the cheerleading team?

The answer is no, a kickline team has incorporates parts of drill and cheerleading but is its own specific type of style.

The Radio City Rockettes are, by far, the most famous kickline.

The Rockettes have been a kickline group since their creation in the 1920s but they been performing in New York City since 1932.

The Rockettes have been known for their long legs and the perfect high kick in unison.

A member of a kickline team must know more than a high kick!

A kickline team, “encompasses many styles of dance including jazz, hip-hop, pom and sequences of high-kicks.

The high-kick style of dance may be seen as similar to that of the Radio City Rockettes.”

Sanford H. Calhoun High School has an award-winning varsity kickline team.

These girls are dedicated and talented.

They are known as the Calhoun Colts Varsity Kickline and they know how to put on a show.

The 24 girls that made up the Colts Kickline team won second place at this competition for their amazing routine.

The girls strut out right in front of the judges in four perfect lines with the utmost confidence.

These girls knew their practice was going to pay off because they had been working hard on this routine.

Once their music starts they know what to do. These girls are hitting every move sharply and in sync.

The kickline team is one with the music and their moves hit with every beat.

Their coach must be really proud while watching this performance! The choreography is so much fun and the kickline team has the choreography down perfectly.

An aspect of kickline is the use of pom, half of the girls have silver pom-poms and the other half has blue pom-poms.

The kickline is using the pom-poms effectively throughout their performance and those pom-poms are shaking!

Before you know it, the kickline has slowly separated to create a bigger stage presence.

The routine places four girls front and center who show that a kickline is more than high kicks. These four front girls including a few pirouettes to the routine.

These girls know how to dance!

The kickline team regroups into a diamond shape figure. It seems like they are going to do more moves solely with their pom-poms, which would have been fun, but they have more tricks up their sleeves.

These girls move their legs with the beat of the music and pom-poms and slowly start to move as one.

This dance routine is so impressive and the crowd is going wild for them!

It is not only the crowd and the judges that loved this kickline routine, once the video was uploaded onto the internet, all strangers started to love it too! Some have commented,

“That was INTENSE! Great job!”
“Their sharpness was great and the way they switched poms was so smooth.”
“You girls did a nice job…wicked!”

The girls know there is more to pom-poms than shaking them while standing up, so they show that you can shake them while laying down.

The girls form a circle on the ground and put one pom between their legs and the other pom between their intertwined hands.

Those legs are going to kick the poms up!

Watch the full kickline routine by the Calhoun Colts right below and prepare to be amazed!

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