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Kids At Playground Don’t Know Camera’s Filming. Then Music Starts And They Instantly Stop

Danielle Tomei Davila filmed her children playing on the playground with their friends. What she caught on camera has left many Americans in tears.

While standing at her back door, which faces the playground, Danielle films as her kids are playing on the swings.

Soon, “Evening Colors” begins to play over loudspeakers in the community; the familiar military bugle call can be heard in the video, and it’s not long before the children take notice.

Danielle and her family live on a military base at Marine Corps Air Station New River in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

“Evening Colors” is a bugle call that is typically played at dusk on military bases and camps, it’s evident that these kids are familiar with the nightly minute-long song.

Once the children take notice of the military tune, all five of them stop everything they’re doing to stand at full attention.

“When colors sound this is what happens,” Danielle says. “And what SHOULD happen!”

Danielle says that, although this beautiful, patriotic moment was filmed back in 2011, it’s a part of their military life that she wants to remember forever.

Since she uploaded the video on YouTube, it’s been viewed over 4 million times.

The bugle call ends and, within a split second, the five children are back to playing on the swings without skipping a beat.

The “Evening Colors” played at military bases at dusk is generally a song called “Retreat,” a similar song called “Reveille” is played in the morning. The meaning behind it is all about honor and respect.

“We are honoring the nation the flag represents,” said former Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Hayes, at Fort Leonard Wood. “We are also honoring those who have fought under the flag, and in some cases are buried under it, to protect our constitution and preserve the rights and liberty we all enjoy.”

According to, “the American Army has used this bugle call since the Revolutionary War. Retreat’s original purpose was to notify sentries to start challenging until sunrise and to tell Soldiers to go to retire to their quarters for the day, according to the manual.

Today, reveille and retreat ceremonies serve a twofold purpose. They signal the beginning and end of the official duty day and serve as ceremonies for paying respect to the flag and those who serve it.”

Many viewers on YouTube are impressed with the incredible amount of respect that these children have for their country. They’ve left comments thanking them for honoring and valuing their country and those that fight for it.

“Everyone needs to pay their respect during these ceremonies,” Hayes said, “because although everyone does not serve under the flag, everyone enjoys the rights and liberty it stands for.

What do you think about the kids’ actions and standing at attention? The powerful video is below.

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