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Kids try to prank grandma but she’s one step ahead

Grandparents have every right to be awesome. After many years of raising kids who’ve gone on to create their own families – they deserve to be “the fun ones” who give out cookies and extend bedtimes.

A woman from Canada actually takes the cake when it comes to being a “cool grandma.” When her young grandsons flew out to visit her in Toronto a couple of years ago, they walked out and got a hilarious surprise… Granny was dressed up in an inflatable dino costume!

Tabitha Cooper is the mom of the boys and they live in Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia. Once they got word that grandma was coming to visit out their way, they formulated a plan to turn the joke on her.

Over the years, you’ve probably seen more and more inflatable costumes around Halloweentime.

It’s near-impossible to keep a straight face looking at someone wearing one, so can you imagine if it was on your grandma?

Well, since Cooper’s sons are lucky enough to have that memory etched into their heads, they decided to pull out their own dinosaur costumes and wear them to the airport picking her up.

That way, she’d be the one in laughter greeting her pre-historic family!

Cooper allowed her boys to get dressed up as Velociraptors before they headed to the Victoria International Airport.

Fortunately, the mom got the entire scene on film, including an additional surprise that made it twice as hysterical.

In the video, the dinosaur brothers are standing and waiting for granny to emerge from a pair of glass doors.

But that’s when others in the area notice who’s walking up… It’s a giant T-Rex!

People in the room burst into laughter at the sight. How could you not? It’s not every day that you see a family of dinosaurs running around the airport.

When grandma exits the doors the sight is absolutely priceless.

Here comes a gigantic dinosaur waddling out, wheeling a pink suitcase with one “tiny arm,” and holding a coffee cup in the other. Seriously, talk about a brave and funny woman!

The dino-boys take turns going up and giving their T-Rex grandma a hug.

You can even see a group of airport workers on the side watching the adorable scene.

One of the funniest parts though is that it was all a complete surprise for the boys!

They believed they were getting grandma back for her prank two years before.

However, she did a flip-flop and kept her side of the joke going too.

What’s great is that everyone got a good chuckle over it – from grandma to the family, to all the strangers that were standing nearby.

A good question is, how the heck did granny pull it off?

Being in an airport is difficult enough, but trying to put on an inflatable costume does not sound like an easy feat. As it turns out, she had some help.

The Columbia Valley Pioneer reported that a security worker helped the woman put the costume on before she headed out for the big surprise. She also carried it on the plane in her carry-on.

Most grandparents are awesome even without dinosaur costumes.

So it’s no surprise that this T-Rex granny won over the internet with her little prank that’s gone viral.

It makes you wonder what else she has in her bag of tricks?

Watch the video below to see a family of dinosaurs hilariously reunite at the airport!

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