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Kindhearted rescue dog finds bird trapped in house and saves its life

Gus is a kindhearted Labrador-Pyrenees mix who loves people and other animals.

Gus lives with his parents, Dean and Jennifer Ahlberg, and his Great Pyrenees brother Jed. The pups love playing in their backyard more than anything in the world.

Jennifer and Dean have a screened porch, and they typically leave the door to the backyard open so Jed and Gus can go in and out as they please.

Unfortunately, though, sometimes other animals get into the porch and get stuck there. This happens most frequently with birds.

One day, Gus found a bird trapped on the porch.

The gentle dog seemed to realize that the bird needed help getting outside, and so the pup carefully scooped the bird into his mouth and carried it into the backyard.

Then, the grateful bird flew away.

“The first time a bird was trapped on the porch, I didn’t see the bird until I had already let Gus out and he grabbed the bird before I could stop him and went outside with it,” Jennifer told The Dodo.

“I followed him out thinking I could get him to drop the bird and possibly save it.

When he gently placed the bird on the ground and it flew away unharmed, I was stunned.”

Jennifer was amazed when she saw Gus do this, and the next time it happened, she decided to take video of the dog and bird’s encounter.

“Over the years, we’ve had several birds get trapped on the porch,” Jennifer wrote on YouTube. “Gus is very skilled at the gentle catch and release!”

The video showed Gus carefully picking up a bird that was flying around the porch. Then, Gus brought it out into the backyard and watched as it flew away.

The video of Gus and the bird quickly went viral, receiving over 100,000 views. Everyone was touched by Gus’ kindness!

Jennifer said she now always leaves the bird catching to Gus—she explained that he’s able to do it much faster than her.

“Since this has happened several times over the years, always with the same result, I now just let him out to rescue a bird rather than trying to catch it myself,” Jennifer said. “Gus is much quicker and more gentle than I am.”

Jennifer has also a few other sweet videos of Gus and Jed on her YouTube channel.

This includes a cute video of Gus “chomping” to go outside.

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