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Lion, tiger, and bear become lifetime friends after being rescued from abusive home as cubs

Say it with us now: “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”

This famous quote from The Wizard of Oz has now come to life at Noah’s Ark Sanctuary in Georgia.

This sanctuary is home to a lion, tiger, and bear that were rescued as cubs.

Noah’s Ark Sanctuary is home to Baloo the bear, Shere Khan the tiger, and Leo the lion.

These three predators have been best friends since they were tiny cubs.

In 2001, rescuers found the three cubs trapped in the basement of an Atlanta home during a drug raid.

Sadly, all three cubs were neglected and abused. They were all hungry and scared, and Leo and Shere Khan both had open wounds on their noses.

Baloo was in the worst condition of the three—he was trapped in an ingrown harness.

The harness was so tight, his flesh had begun to grow around it.

Rescuers brought the three scared animals to Noah’s Ark Sanctuary, where they rushed Baloo into surgery.

While Baloo was gone, Leo and Shere Khan paced around restlessly, worrying about their friend.

Thankfully, the surgery went well, and soon, Baloo was back with his two best friends!

At first, the workers at Noah’s Ark Sanctuary separated the three animals, thinking they would do best in their own enclosures.

But the animals wouldn’t stop crying, and so the workers quickly put them back into the same enclosure.

They’ve been together ever since!

As the three animals grew up, their bond stayed strong.

The animals wouldn’t have been able to survive in the wild, but the sanctuary gave them the next best thing: plenty of space to roam around, and lots of love and attention.

Noah’s Ark Sanctuary also gave the three animals a clubhouse to sleep in. At night, the animals pile on top of each other, keeping each other warm and safe. They nicknamed them ‘the BLT trio.’

“They just know each other and they love each other,” said Jama Hedgecoth, the founder of Noah’s Ark. “They’re truly a family. They’ve never been separated.”

Shere Khan, Baloo, and Leo have gone through some difficult times, but they’ve always had each other’s backs.

If you’d like to learn more about these three incredible animals, check out the video below!

Leo, Baloo, and Shere Khan went through so much in their lives, but they always had each other. It’s amazing that three predators ended up becoming brothers.

If you want to learn more about the BLT trio, check out the video below!

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