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Little boy goes out to play and returns with sweet baby deer

Kids seem to be able to make friends with anyone! No matter the individual, they can hop into a conversation about their Legos or how they got a bruise on their arm and continue on talking for hours. It’s truly a gift that little ones have!

On top of their ability to make friends with anyone, kids are usually great judges of character.

If a kid isn’t comfortable around someone, beware! Always trust a child instincts when it comes to people – they seem to have a special sense that ensures they can stay safe when they aren’t able to defend themselves physically.

One story shows just how powerful the friendship of a child can be.

Dominic Brown was on vacation with his parents when he made a new friend! Like and kid, he wanted to come back and introduce his friend to the family. The strange thing, however, is that the family was vacationing in a remote part of Shenandoah National Park – there shouldn’t have been anyone around!

The family was getting ready to go back home in Northern Virginia when Dominic walked in.

“On one of my trips, I remember I went back into the kitchen, and I was getting something out of the refrigerator, and I peep my head around because I heard him kind of wiping his little boots on the mat,” she said.

As the rest of the family bustled about trying to get things packed up, they weren’t paying Dominic too much attention. When his mom heard him wiping his boots off at the doormat, she stuck her head around the corner and gasped.

The friend that Dominic brought back wasn’t a human – it was a deer!

“I was like ‘OK, he’s getting ready to come in.’ So I turn my head and there it is. It’s like a little baby deer and him. Like, it wasn’t anything strange for him. It was really weird.”

Fully expecting Dominic to come back from playing in the woods alone, she was completely taken aback. Dominic, however, was in his element and was calm as could be next to his new friend!

He had brought the deer back so he could give it some cereal as a snack.

When you make a new friend. the obvious first thing to do is go and get snacks together! Dominic assumed that deer could eat cereal and had walked it all the way onto the porch and was about to bring it in the house.

His mom was quick enough to snap a few photos before she asked him to “please return the deer to the woods where you found it”.

Heading back out, Dominic said his goodbyes and watched as his fawny friend went back where he belonged.

The deer clearly trusted Dominic and knew that he wasn’t in any danger being around him. Kids really are great judges of character! It looks like deer can be, too.

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