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Little brother makes 13.2M people laugh video bombing his sister

The thing about having siblings is that you never know what weird antics they’ll come up with.

Having a brother or sister, or an assorted bunch, will always resort to laughter, tears, and many more.

Big brothers and sisters know the joys and pains of having much younger sibs too.

After all, they’re still kids while big bro or sis try to make their way into the world of adults.

Even tayler breann here will tell you.

She was fourteen years young during this scene.

And like any young teenager, was still discovering the joys of modern music coupled with social media attention.

To the tune of Akon’s “Smack That”, the young woman tries to record herself dancing in her orange shirt and jeans.

She wasn’t going for fashion statements or super choreographed moves. Just having a bit of fun!

What Tayler didn’t know though, was that her little brother was behind her by the hallway.

The little dude had nothing on but the bottom part of his pajamas and he kept making goofy movements, obviously relishing the moment that he gets to troll his big sister.

Typical of little boys.

Tayler mouths off the words to the song, bopping along to the beat and enjoying her private moment but how private can it be when the door is wide open and there’s a little guy in the house?

She should have known better.

Big sister should be glad she doesn’t have a Lamborghini Gallardo with a brother like that.

Look what he’s doing! What in the world? The dude is walking slowly with his back against the wall. Goofball.

“that little bro has got some serious moves LOL”

Says a viewer.

Not exactly serious moves but we get it.

See, the problem here is that kids his age get bored easily.

Doesn’t matter if they have a room full of toys, the latest gadgets and gaming consoles.

Kids get bored. And he heard the music, got up, saw what was going on and had his little fun.

At least he’s creative.

Tayler’s got her moves down already and she’s going at it.

But her little brother is copying her moves while adding a bit of his own sauce on top. Which basically means it’s really ridiculous to look at.

How about a little butt wiggle for some giggles?

It’s a catchy song to dance to and you’ll still hear the track being played in clubs and bars everywhere.

Can’t blame Tayler. She continues her dancing but little bro pauses by the doorway a bit and that was a mistake.

Tayler turns around and catches her brother in the act.

He was in the middle of a nutty dance with a huge smile on his face when he was caught.

He turns right and tries to make a run for it but ends up falling.

She gives chase and you can hear the little guy go, “Moooom!!”. Honestly, kid.

A viewer said.

Listen closely and you can hear a sort of banging sound.

Sounds like the body of a kid being thrown against a wall. This is the wild and wacky world of having siblings. But in the end, it’s all fun and games.

That’s a good smacking! Catch these two in the video below!

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