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Little Dog Was Lost And Lonely For Years, Watch The Heart-Wrenching Moment She Smells A Familiar Smell

Most of the dogs who end up living a “ruff” life on the streets were most likely neglected, abused, or abandoned early on in their lives.

Some of them ran away from their mean human parents, but once in a while, the poor doggy you see cowering in the bushes is just plain lost!

Which is exactly what happened to adorable little Pakita. She escaped from her yard and took off on what she thought would be a short adventure around the neighborhood, but then she couldn’t find her way back home.

Argentina’s Arca Animal Refuge saved her from living a sorry life on the streets, but sadly, her daddy never came to pick her up.

It was two long years that Pakita spent without a real home. The animal shelter made sure the pooch was fed and well-cared for, but no one wanted to adopt a downtrodden, older doggy.

She just couldn’t compete with the younger puppies who jumped for joy and seemed to love life!

All she could think about was her old happy life. Naturally, Pakita became even more withdrawn and depressed as time went on.

Then one day “grandma” saw a picture of Pakita on the shelter’s website, and knew that the dog belonged to her son, Ariel.

The very next day, Ariel was reunited with his doggy, who he’d been searching for the entire time! Little Pakita was lost for two entire years before she was brought in.

She was obviously traumatized as she wouldn’t trust anyone and would cower if someone tried to pet her.

Then one day she smelled something in the air… Watch her amazing reaction in the video blow. Awww, this is so sweet!

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