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Little girl abandons routine in exchange for her own moves and completely steals the show

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It’s important to teach kids to be themselves.

This girl took that to heart and entertained everyone while doing so.

Sure, child dance recitals are great, but they can really start to grate after a while.

Most parents that have to sit through them, just to see their child for five minutes, secretly wish that something unplanned and funny yet impressive would happen.

At this recital, one little girl was more than happy to oblige the audience with something different.

The little tap dancers all formed a line on the stage.

They all wore tutus, and the teacher had been perfecting their routine for weeks. But one girl had her own ideas.

As soon as the music started, she began thrashing about like crazy.

She was far outpacing the tempo, and the audience was loving it, laughing away like mad.

Then the girl started moving like the other girls, just with much more exaggerated movements.

She was clearly showing up all of the other kids on the stage!

Then she started tapping and clapping like crazy again.

She also sang along loudly to the song. She was having the time of her life, and everyone (except their teacher) appreciated it!

Next, the little girl tried to dance fast with the girl next to her.

But the other girl was trying to follow the dance routine and wouldn’t dance back.

As the song went on, the girl’s moves only became more exaggerated.

And her facial expressions only became more funny.

She must have done 30 taps for every tap all the other girls were performing!

At the end of the performance, the biggest cheer of the night erupted from the audience.

It was clear that everyone was going to be raving about the enthusiastic little girl that decided to add her own pizzazz to the routine!

Just imagine the talk that the teacher would have with that little girl!

Sure, she had entertained the crowd and made everyone laugh, but she had messed with the teacher’s routine!

But the little girl had the last laugh. One of the parents was filming the entire thing, and they uploaded it to YouTube.

Unsurprisingly, it soon became a viral hit on the site. To date, over 15 million people have enjoyed the performance.

The video also has more than 26,000 likes. And somehow, 2,000 heartless people have disliked the video.

The parent uploaded another performance from the little girl on the same day, this time of a ballet performance.

The little girl must have agreed to behave herself onstage, as she does the same moves as the other girls.

But every parent must have been waiting for her to do her own moves. What a shame that the teacher stifled the girl’s creativity!

Hopefully, when she grows up, the girl will learn to not listen to others and express herself in her own way.

She’s certainly unique and bold, and those are two fine qualities to have!

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