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Little girl brings smiles dancing to modern day song

Technology has given people the ability to create things never before dreamed of, especially when it comes to videography and music.

This video, is an incredible mash-up of classic movie stars from the earlier 1900s, dancing to a new-age Bruno Mars song, ‘Uptown Funk.’

How he made this is mind-boggling, it literally looks like these old movie stars are actually dancing to Bruno Mars.

There’s a reason this went viral, he really nailed it!

Movie Stars from “The Golden Age” in Hollywood, dance to ‘Uptown Funk’ in this mash-up video and its brilliant.

Nerd Fest UK is a YouTube channel with over 40k subscribers.

Their video of classic movie stars getting down to the popular Bruno Mars song caused some huge waves on social media.

The video starts with a scene from the 1932 movie, ‘Red-Headed Woman’.

In the scene, the actress loads up a vinyl record and ‘UpTown Funk’ starts to play. That’s when the real fun starts.

The Bruno Mars song continues to play, with movie stars from a completely different era known as “The Golden Age” dancing to the music.

Searching through clips from movies that range from 1920-1960, Nerd Fest UK found all the perfect clips to make the Hollywood stars seamlessly dance to Grammy-winning song.

Different famous movies from the first half of the 1900s are perfectly lined up with the newer hit song.

Movies like ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ in 1949, where they make the famous tap-dancing scene mesh right on point with ‘Uptown Funk.’

‘The Skys the Limit’ and ‘Small Town Girl,’ both from 1953 are featured back to back. Followed by other great movies, like ‘Way Out West’ from 1937.

Every movie featured in the stunning display matches right up with the chart-topping song.

There’s outstanding dancing in most of the scenes, this probably helped it gel well.

Still, this would be an extremely difficult project to take on, just searching for the clips alone would be so time-consuming.

‘Stormy Weather’ from 1943, ‘Shall We Dance ‘ from 1937, and Easter Parade from 1949 all have epic scenes toward the end of the video.

It’s hard to believe how well the song lines up with the old movies, then again, Bruno Mars does have an old school kind of vibe.

As the song is coming to an end, the mash-up uses some of the most spectacular dance scenes from the “Golden Age.”

The last thirty-seconds of the video are by far the best clips, starting at 4:22 with the famous flipping scene in ‘Lady Be Good’ from 1942.

After that, you see the part from the 1942 movie ‘Panama Hattie,’ where the 3 dancers jump from a balcony straight into the splits.

It ends with a flurry of awesome old movie scenes, the last one is the only one that is newer than 1960, ‘That’s Entertainment, Part 2’ from 1976.

This is one of the most sensational mash-ups I’ve ever seen, the timing and synchronicity are outstanding.

To see the old movie stars dance to ‘Uptown Funk’ watch the video below!

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