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Little girl captures the hearts of the internet when dad takes her into the rain for the first time

A Pluviophile is someone who loves the rain. They find joy and peace of mind when the drops are gently streaming down a foggy window.

More importantly, you probably don’t mind getting wet, either!

If you love rain, you will love a little girl named Harper!

Harper found out that she loved rain at a young age. As we are about to see, she just can’t get enough of the stuff! In a moment captured on camera, Harper and her dad go outside to enjoy a summer storm.

“Well Harper, you wanna go out in the rain? You wanna go out in the rain?”

Harper is absolutely ADORABLE.

She can’t be more than two years old in the video. Safely in her dad’s arms, she is transfixed by the cool rain falling just outside their garage.

As he carries her out into the deluge, you see her face change.

Breaking into a huge smile. Harper is overjoyed.

Seeing a little kid smile like that is truly contagious! Doing a quick lap or two, her dad finally circles back into the garage to give them a break from the water.

The giggles and smiles let us know exactly how happy Harper truly is!

This is a big step for a toddler like Harper.

Toddlers are naturally curious, and new situations can be scary for them or reinforce adventure.

If Harper’s dad made sure she had a fun time in the rain, she would have positive memories associated with it for the rest of her life!

It’s clear that Harper may not remember this moment forever, but she will feel its effects.

Now, whenever she smells rain in the future, she might feel safe and happy!

The word is Petrichor, and it is defined as the smell that comes when it rains.

When Harper smells petrichor from now on, she will always have profound memories of time spent with her dad!

“More? You want more rain? Okay, one more time, here we go.”

She isn’t done yet!

Having such a fun time in the beginning, Harper wants to go again! You know that once toddlers have fun with something, they will ask over and over again until they get it.

Harper only had to ask her dad once for a second trip out, however!

Running out a second time, there is only one more thing to experience.

A walk on her own! Her dad sets her down on the floor and allows her to get her bearings.

Hand in hand, the two venture out into the deluge and get even more soaked than they already were. Their clothes are dripping!

Thanks to a cell phone, Harper will always have this memory of venturing outside with her dad.

People on the internet love the video, too!

“I don’t know if this toddler’s reaction was to the rain or to the amazing father who was holding her. If more father’s were like you, this would be a much, much better world.”

Another said:

“I love that the father made this experience a beautiful one, the girl will love the rain for the rest of her life!”

Check out the video below!

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