Little Girl Crushed When Simon Halts Audition, But She Fights Back And Earns Roaring Standing Ovation

Not everyone gets a second chance easily, especially when it comes to taking a huge step towards reaching for your dreams.

Being given another shot is definitely a stroke of luck! Just like what happened to 12-year-old Ansley Burns from South Carolina.

She almost missed her chance at bagging a spot in the current season of America’s Got Talent, but somehow, she managed to get herself another try!

She’s always dreamed of being on America’s Got Talent.

Fun-loving and dreaming of becoming a professional artist, young Ansley went to one of the biggest stages in the world to show that she has what it takes to be a professional singer and performer. She knew it was tough to get through but her family was with her and that was what she needed.

Simon was very skeptical of her song choice.

Even at a young age, Ansley has always been a little artist who took videos of herself while singing.

It is definitely something she loved so much and being in the AGT stage is a major opportunity for her to showcase her talent.

Judge Simon Cowell asked her what she was going to sing and Ansley proudly announced that she was going to give her own rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Think”.

Knowing that this song is such a big, iconic number from a legendary diva, Simon had to ask the girl if she was totally sure.

“You’re going to do Aretha? At 12? Okay, you sure?”

When Ansley started her song, she made sure that she gave it her best to impress the judges.

However, only moments after she began, Simon Cowell raised her hand to stop her!

Everyone knew that when Simon raised his hand, it is almost never a good thing. Ansley feared the worst.

Simon’s hand rose, he felt he had to stop her audition.

Simon quickly explained that he did not like the backing track that accompanied Ansley’s singing.

It was too loud and was overpowering the young girl’s vocals, thus resulting to a weak performance.

Ansley was already thinking that her chance to be in AGT has already slipped through her hands.

But, Simon had another idea and it was something that Ansley totally did not expect!

“Ansley, Ansley, sorry babe. I don’t think this backing track was working for you. I think it was a horrible, horrible backing track, so I don’t think we can judge you properly on this, I really don’t. We really like you, but that was terrible.”

Giving her another chance at audition, Simon asked if Ansley can do an a Capella version of her song.

The young performer immediately agreed to it, despite her apparent shock at the sudden turn of events.

Simon shows he had compassion when he realized how nervous he made her with is request.

Simon noticed that Ansley was full of nerves and so, he offered the girl a drink to which Ansley accepted!

It was definitely something that Simon did not do for every contestant and the 12-year-old could not believe that it just happened to her!

The audience waited with bated breath as Ansley prepares herself for her second shot at audition. It was truly a thrilling moment!

When finally, Ansley sang her a Capella version of Aretha Franklin’s popular anthem, everyone knew that Simon did the right thing.

Ansley was absolutely phenomenal! Without the distracting backing track, Ansley’s voice came out and stood out. She was really good and everyone was loving her song number!

Simon gave her an opportunity, and she rose to the occasion with flying colors.

She received a standing ovation because of her performance and that made young Ansley really happy.

But, when she saw Simon’s thumbs up in the air, she knew that she absolutely nailed it

Just when we think our chances are lost, we get second tries out of nowhere, totally catching us off guard. In these times, what we need to keep in mind is to be thankful and then, pull ourselves together and do what we must to be better.

What happened to Ansley was a beautiful reminder of that and we surely appreciate her courage and spunk. We can definitely expect a bright future ahead of this amazing young talent!

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