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Little girl gives priest “high five” as he reaches out to bless her

Church can be a confusing place. Depending on your spiritual leanings, there is quite a bit that goes into knowing what to do on a Sunday morning!

When do you stand up, sit down, clap, don’t clap, etc? If you do one of these things at the wrong time, you can feel especially embarrassed!

If there ever were a creature on the planet designed to thrive in embarrassing moments, it would be kids.

Kids can be known as “the great humblers.” It seems like they are on a mission to remind you that all the things you value are social constructs that THEY don’t feel like abiding by quite yet.

“Are you pregnant?”

The pinnacle of cultural apathy is the famous question kids ask strangers.

“Are you pregnant?” The best part is that kids seem to know when someone isn’t pregnant but still asks them.

They also always make sure that you, the parent or guardian, are around to scramble to defend them with words like “sorry” and “I apologize” and “he’s only three.”

When you put one of these sticky, mini-humans in their Sunday best and send them to a room crowded with people trying to look their best, hilarious things happen.

In one recent video, we see a funny situation where a kid tries their best to follow the rules but is tricked into doing the wrong thing.

I mean, you can hardly blame the girl once you see it for yourself.

A mom and her daughter are dressed to the nines and walking up towards a waiting priest.

To complete their outfits, they have color matching masks! As far as Sunday clothes go, they are suited for an Easter service!

The mother seems to be taking the girl up to the priest to receive a blessing.

A standard church blessing usually consists of a few words (sometimes in Latin), a few hand motions, and an outstretched arm.

The priest completes all of these without an issue…

But when the priest reaches out his arm to complete the blessing, the little girl makes her move.

Adults say all the same things to kids when they first meet them.

Among things said by dads and grandpas alike is the phrase “Hey there! Gimme a high-five”.

By the time you are hitting double digits, you are basically conditioned to preemptively slap any incoming hands with gusto.

When the priest reached out his hand to bless the girl, she decided that the blessing required a more direct kind of connection.

With a gentle and elegant high-five, the girl delivers on her promise to never be “too slow” when the high five is down low.

Amid laughs from the crowd and a smile from the priest, all that’s left is for the priest to deliver his side of the bargain.

The priest is finally able to bless her with a gentle hand on her head.

While I am no priest, I think that this little girl should receive double-blessing for probably making God laugh.

Check out the funny video below!

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