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Little Girl Joins Daddy For A Duet, Song Choice Is Melting Everyone’s Heart

Before kids turn into teenagers, most parents try their best to soak up every precious moment possible!

That’s exactly what this sweet dad did when he recruited his 5-year-old daughter to sing “True Colors.” He hit record and has the internet in love with their sweet duet!

Everyone loves the original version of “True Colors” sung by Cyndi Lauper, but most people don’t know where the inspiration for the song came from.

“True Colors” was originally written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly – Billy was moved by his relationship with his mother and wanted to dedicate a song about her struggle with life, love and friendships.

Through the ups and downs, Billy’s mother acted with kindness and grace. After the premise of the song was complete, Billy and Tom joined up to create lyrics that would be perfect for Cyndi. Sure enough, the song was a huge hit and topped charts all over the world!

This sense of showing one’s true self was exactly what Dad was trying to convey to his daughter.

While life can get you down and things may not always be easy, it’s important to keep your head up and show the world who you are!

Even though she’s far too young to fully grasp the meaning, this little lady loves to sing with her dad.

Not only is her voice stunning for her age, but she also remembers the lyrics like a seasoned musician!

Take a peek at their adorable performance for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below.

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